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To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
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    Maria Lourdes L. Filoteo
,  Marillou to friends,  is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Information
    SystemsAuditor (CISA) and an Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor 2017.

    Marilou is licensed to practice in the State of Pennsylvania and Maryland USA.The online-access-anywhere nature
    of QuickBooks Online allows us to serve our as your online bookkeeper where ever you are in the world as long as
    there is the Internet.

  "Back in 2014, when I first tried QuickBooks Online, I was skeptical  about what a seemingly simple 
    application  can do compared to the desktop version. But as I used it more and more, I gained more
    understanding of its benefits and functionalities that Iíve begun to appreciate it. Indeed, it is a very
    cost-effective business solution for small businesses or any business size." --- Marilou Filoteo, CPA

    With over 30 years of various experience related to business and technology. A consistent user of QuickBooks
    Online(QBO) since 2014.  Been using QuickBooks Pro desktop for over 10 years, along with other brand name
    accounting software packages, MS Office -  Excel, Access, MsWord and other tools.  Also a certified application
    and web developer.  Held QuickBooks ProAdvisor status in 2009 and 2010.

    Marilou and her dedicated team are ready to serve you.  We have the skills, the willingness to assist you in your   
    accounting and bookkeeping needs. When you outsource your bookkeeping with us, it not only gives you the time
    to focus on your business but at the same time gives tremendous savings on you administrative expenses.

    Our business is to keep your books in good order, so you can focus in your business and thrive!

    You can be confident that your books will be 100% ready for your tax year end.

    QuickBooks Online is a good choice for:     Depending on your QBO plan, you have :

   Businesses where people need to remote access the books

   Businesses where multiple people may need to access the  
         books at the same time

   Businesses that are comfortable with a monthly fee and may
         benefit from the free support that the monthly fee offers

   Businesses that are comfortable with cloud computing where
         data is stored online and only accessible with an internet

  Businesses that want to explore automation


QuickBooks Online Simple Start:

                       20+ Reports

          QuickBooks Online Essentials:

                       40+ Reports

          QuickBooks Online Plus:

                       65+ Reports
Why QuickBooks Online ?
Here are some of the reports you have access to with QuickBooks Online Simple Start:
QuickBooks Online Plus: 65+ Reports

QuickBooks Online Plus opens all the features of QuickBooks Online.
It offers more comparison reports for company financials, location and class reports,
purchasing and inventory, time activities and more.

You have access to all of the Simple Start and Essentials reports as well as more comparison and
management reports such as: 
With QuickBooks Online Essentials you have access to all of the Simple Start reports
as well as additional insight through some of the following reports: 

                    Profit and Loss                                                
                    Balance Sheet 
                    Statement of Cash Flows                                
                    Customer Balance Summary 
                    A/R Aging Summary                                       
                    Taxable Sales 
                    Transaction List by Date                                 
                    Reconcile Reports  

                 Sales by Customer                                        
                 Sales by Product/Service 
                 Transaction List by Vendor                            
                 Check Detail 
                 Payroll Reports (if payroll is turned on)          
                 Customized Reports 
                 Product/Service List      

                  A/P Aging  
                  Bill Payment List 
                 Company Snapshot                                        
                 Balance Detail 
                 Expenses by Vendor                                      
                 General Ledger 
                 Income by Customer Summary 
                 Profit & Loss Detail 
                 Sales by Customer Detail                             
                 Terms Listing 
                 Trial Balance                                                   
                 Unbilled Charges 
                 Unpaid Bills                                                     
                 Vendor Balance 

                 Budget Overview                                               
                 Budget vs. Actuals 
                 Class Listing                                                      
                 Profit & Loss by Class 
                 Profit & Loss by Location                                 
                 Open Purchase Orders  

                   Purchases by Product/Service                        
                   Purchases by Location or Class
                   Sales by Location or Class                            
                   Time Activities by Customer 
                   Time Activities by Employee                           
                   Transaction Detail by Account